We wish to advise all friends of the Galle Literary Festival that

following a number of unforeseeable cancellations, and given the rigid

time constraints in the organisation of a festival of this size and

stature, we have decided to take a break for the Festival in 2013.

The Festival Team are currently working with our valued sponsors and

partners towards creating a stimulating and inspirational

programme for GLF 2014.   We are planning a different format for the 2014

festival with an exciting list of authors.

We are sorry for any incovenience caused but we very much hope you will be

able to make the festival in 2014. The dates for the 2014 festival will be

posted on the website shortly.



Comments from writers who attended our 2012 festival:


“The festival was just what one wishes a literary festival to be, a treat and a tonic.”

Sir Tom Stoppard


“Galle literary festival is a remarkable experience. It’s not just in a marvellous place, but also manages to be both distinguished and intimate. It’s focus is, quite  properly, on reading and writing rather than celebrity, and the audiences are a treat – warm, highly literate and curious “.

Joanna Trollope 


“I have spoken at dozens of book festivals around the world, and Galle was perhaps the most welcoming and memorable. Please invite us back.”

Professor Richard Dawkins


“With its enthusiastic audiences and terrific setting, the Galle Literary Festival is a genuine meeting point for writers from a variety of literary communities - East, West and places in between - and a chance to ventilate issues that concern them all.” 

D.J Taylor


“The Galle Literary Festival is a books extravaganza held in paradise - Galle Sri Lanka.  The variety of writers is extraordinary; the audiences large and appreciative; the ambiance exciting and friendly, and the camaraderie of the writers, participants, and attendees a delight. A truly unforgettable experience." 

Katherine Frank


“Galle is the loveliest of settings for a literary festival.  We were received with such hospitality and I appreciated the wide range of writers and events, the engagement with topical debate.  I was impressed, too, by the programme for the wider community, and took much away from experience of visiting a school.” 

Rachel Hore


“The Galle festival was beautifully organized and a chance to meet writers I would not have otherwise met. Thank you for a rewarding experience.” 

Nayantara Sahgal


“Galle is not just a date on a writer’s calendar, it is a wonderful experience. An enthralling setting for a truly world class festival, with great hospitality, passionate participants and informed, enthusiastic audiences. It was the perfect way to start my year.” 

Stephen Kelman


“Attending the Galle Literary Festival is an experience which will stay with me for a long time. A rich and diverse group of writers, a beautiful setting, and audiences that filled every hall. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.” 

John Boyne


 “As ever, the Galle Literary Festival is the world’s finest boutique book event. Its combination of beautiful setting, luxurious appointments, lively crowds and cosmopolitan writers makes it a festival I would happily recommend to readers and writers alike.” 

Randy Boyagoda


“The Galle Literary festival enchants, stimulates, surprises and delights both authors and audience in equal measure.  Unlike any other festival for the unique energy with which every participant celebrates the written word, the beauty of the place only enhances the whole unmissable and unforgettable experience.” 

Juliet  Nicolson


“The casual ease of the Galle literary festival is its winning feature. Rarely have I been involved with a festival where everything comes together so effortlessly, the writers, the audience and even the occasional cook meeting, chatting, eating and enjoying each other's company and the town itself.” 

David Thompson



"I believe that stories are the way we understand the world and ourselves better, the audiences at the Gall Festival are there because they believe that, too. It was a pleasure to share my work with the most perceptive of audiences and discover anew how alike we really all are."

Aminatta Forna


“The Galle Literary Festival has made literature amazingly exciting in Sri Lanka. It is a wonderful space for all of us—writers and readers—and a tribute to the importance of books in our lives. The encouragement it gives to reading and writing in Sri Lanka is immense!”

Romesh Gunesekera


“Watching the Indian Ocean from Galle it’s easy to feel a 2,000 year-old silk route tying East to West underfoot. Now the festival ties them again – and its silk is rich ideas.”  



DBC Pierre


“The Galle Literary Festival is far, far too special an experience, too entertaining, informative, welcoming, relaxed, inspiring, geographically idyllic and entirely enjoyable to begin to sum up in a single sentence of less than Proustian length.”

Lalla Ward


“Your festival is truly amazing and you have produced a fantastic event in Galle. I don't think I've ever attended a festival quite like it.”

Robert Crowther


"The Galle festival is truly wonderful, one of the most elegant and charming I’ve yet visited. It's beautifully organized, in a delightful place and its full of character. Its audiences are large and responsive. So it is no wonder it attracts the best writers “ 

Simon Sebag Montefiore


"A stimulating literary experience in a splendid setting, the Galle Literary Festival is a feast for the senses as well as the mind!"

Shashi Tharoor


"In bringing together a stimulating mixture of authors from far and wide, with time to meet each other and their audiences, exchange diverse ideas and enjoy relaxed hospitality in beautiful surroundings, the Galle Literary Festival is a life enhancing event - as unique as Galle itself."

Josceline Dimbleby



"From sunrise through sun up to sunset in  a  spectacular location filled with engaging events and excellent writers  full with laughter and tears, questions and answers with food to die for  ideas to live by and dreams to sleep to, Galle Literary Festival is one of the best in the world." 

Lemn Sissay