'More Than Just Big Names...'

The Galle Literary Festival is Back !

It is more than just great authors, although we will have a great deal of those too.
This year we will also bring you Plays, Concerts, Art Installations, our renowned Gourmet Events, Childrens Festivals, Fashion Shows, Garden Tours, Architecture, Community Initiatives, Photographic Exhibitions and plenty more fringe events.

You can await the announcement of writers who will be at the Festival in October 2015 and the programme which is presently being formed, will be released at the end of November 2015.

We will also have 2 literary awards – the Fairway National Book Award for a published novel in Sinhala, Tamil and English & the DSC Prize Award Ceremony, which was held at the Jaipur Literature Festival for the last 5 years, moving to the Galle Literary Festival this year.

We are also pleased to introduce two mini festivals in Kandy and Jaffna, as a new addition to the festival. Done with similar themes just on a smaller scale and over two days each, they will open up our audience to the rest of the island. We are excited to introduce these two new cities rich in Sri Lankan history and tradition, and hope you will be too.

Best Wishes,
The GLF Team

  • "The Galle Literary festival is a remarkable experience. It's not just in a marvellous place, but also manages to be both distinguished and intimate. Its focus is, quite properly, on reading and writing rather than celebrity, and the audiences are a treat warm, highly literate and curious".
    - Joanna Trollope -

  • "The festival was just what one wishes a literary festival to be, a treat and a tonic."
    - Sir Tom Stoppard -

  • "I have spoken at dozens of book festivals around the world, and Galle was perhaps the most welcoming and memorable. Please invite us back."
    - Professor Richard Dawkins -

  • "Where's my luggage?"
    - Gore Vidal -

  • "Galle is one of the best literary festivals I have been to, the country is beautiful, the people are warm, and there was something vital and meaningful about the events and the exchanging of ideas."
    - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie -

  • "I think was it was one of the best literary festivals I have ever been to. There was something very special about the atmosphere which made it stand out from the run of these things - a friendly feeling and an enjoyable programme both worked with one another beautifully."
    - Alexander McCall Smith -

  • "Thanks for your kind words and more still for your wonderful hospitality in Galle. It hardly seems imaginable that this is only the second year of the festival. I am full of admiration for your "Why not?" attitude to things. ..What astounded me about this festival was it seemed so well established..and yet so fresh."
    - Vikram Seth -

  • "The casual ease of the Galle Literary Festival is its winning feature. Rarely have I been involved with a festival where everything comes together so effortlessly, the writers, the audience and even the occasional cook meeting, chatting, eating and enjoying each other's company and the town itself."
    - David Thompson (Michelin Star Chef) -

  • "The Galle Literary Festival has made literature amazingly exciting in Sri Lanka. It is a wonderful space for all of us—writers and readers—and a tribute to the importance of books in our lives. The encouragement it gives to reading and writing in Sri Lanka is immense!"
    - Romesh Gunesekera -

  • "Watching the Indian Ocean from Galle, it's easy to feel a 2,000 year-old silk route tying East to West underfoot. Now the festival ties them again – and its silk is rich ideas."
    - DBC Pierre -

  • "The Galle Literary festival is truly wonderful, one of the most elegant and charming I've yet visited. It's beautifully organized, in a delightful place and it's full of character. Its audiences are large and responsive. So it is no wonder it attracts the best writers "
    - Simon Sebag Montefiore -